Day 1

Blinking LEDs as per given pattern:

  • Basics of Arduino program structure

  • Identify smallest unique pattern from square wave graphs

  • Pseudocode and procedural programming concepts

Computing Thinking using Arduino

Arduino/Procedural Programming/Breadboards/
Building Clock and Calculator
/8th Grade+/Basic Electronics
Student Videos

Videos of students working on their projects

Day 02:
Asha and Shahid explain how they used the 7 Segment display numbers from 0 to f. They study in 8th grade at Kilbil High School, Pune.

Day 01:
Reading graphs and writing programs to blink LED likewise. Children soon realize that finding the shortest unique pattern that repeats itself is like finding LCM

Day 03:
Hear Asha as she explains how to build a clock.

learn problem solving through electronics and programming

We live in a world which is constantly increasing its dependence on technology. As parents, we want our children to grow up to be masterful manipulators of technology for the betterment of their lives. As future engineers, we hope to instil in them the instinct and skills required to build reliable technology products. Exposing children to Computational Thinking (CT) at a young age can give them the push in the right direction.

CT is the thought processes involved in formulating a problem and expressing its solution in such a way that a computer (human or machine) can effectively carry out. We believe that CT help sharpen a child’s analytical abilities and come up with elegant technological solutions to complex problems right from a very young age.

This course on building electronics gadgets and learning to program embedded system is based on this methodology. Instead of spending time on learning programming on the computer, we directly jump to programming electronics systems which are tangible and hence enhances the child’s engagement  in the learning process. Each day of the course begins with a problem statement that lays fertile ground in the child’s mind to learn the new programming constructs that will be taught to them that day.