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/8th Grade+/Circuits
learn soldering by assembling small circuits

Fun with Electronics

We think the best way to spark a child's creativity and curiosity in electronics is to get them to solder and build a small circuit. This one day workshop is aims to be a starting point for parents who wish to expose their children to the world on electronics engineering. It lets parents to quickly check if their child has inclination and aptitude towards manipulating technology.

If the child enjoys the workshop, we can help parent's decide the kind of courses that can further nurture their child's interest/talent in the field of electronics.

Course Objectives
  • The course can be delivered at the venue of your choosing: School classrooms, Tinkering Labs, Society Clubhouses etc as long as enough number of participants are present (atleast 6 students). We will have 6 sets of portable soldering labs in easy to carry boxes, all we need is electricity at the venue.

  • Age group: 10-14 years.

  • Child must be able to understand either one of English/Hindi/Marathi – our instructors will freely switch between these languages as per the comfort of the child.

  • Transportation to the venue to be arranged by the parents.

  • Worksheets will be given by us, please make sure your child carries a writing pad and pen/pencil.

  • Clothes: please make sure your child isn’t wearing loose clothes that may hamper or get damaged while learning soldering.

Course Obectives aligned to Bloom's Taxonomy
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At the end of this course your child would have:

  • Learnt how to identify of various electronics components viz. LED, LDR, Capacitor, DC Motor, Battery.

  • Understood the function of those Electronics Components.

  • Learnt decode the values of resistors through their color codes.

  • Soldered a complete printed circuit board (PCB) by referring to the schematic

  • Understood the function of the tools involved in soldering and assembling circuit boards.

Course Flyer. Click to Enlarge.

Video of the Line Follower